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About us

  • 01.Visual View

    Use wide flexible design with ground curtain , out with the window there is square and cheng-de park to reach the visual pierce that can promote the visual space.

  • 02.Different of Traditional

    Move the swimming pool to the third floor as the previous centers located in the basement, provided swimmers can enjoy the sunshine to swim here.

  • 03.Use RC Structure to Build

    In order to make the pool can carry out the weight of around 580 tons of water, use RC structure from the underground to the third floor. For third floor and up floors, use steel of mold and mental wall material to build our centre can enhance structure and prevent of earthquake.

Architectural appearance
1F Service Center
Preface from C.E.O.
To enjoy wellness, start from taking exercise

Broadly speaking, wellness includes physical health, mental health, and spiritual health. In order to gain wellness from daily life, one should frequently check if the following essential elements are balanced: physical health, nutrition, accustomed to pressure, inter-personal relationship, quitting bad habits, and assurance of values.
As part of the sport industry, our top priority is to improve the wellness of all the citizens. Let us share the advantages of sports and basic principles of taking exercise with an expectation that everyone can enjoy wellness by taking exercises.

Advantages of Sports

It’s time for you to start a regular exercise if you sit during most of your working hours, or if an exercise means walking between a TV and a refrigerator to you. Taking regular exercises will benefit you. It maintains the health of cardiopulmonary system and reduces chances of heart attack by both maximum consumption of oxygen and highest production of blood. Taking exercises can lose weights, strengthen your energy, and you won’t feel fatigable from it. A good exercise decreases nerves, depression, and sadness. It also helps us to have a better sleep. Furthermore, it reinforces the muscular strength, the endurance, and the flexibility of our muscles. Exercising also decreases the cholesterol in the blood if we have a good eating habit. A good sport would help you to live with confidence, to boost possibilities of both family and social gathering.


A good exercise program should include 3 basic principles, which are: the overload principle, the advanced principle, and the specific principle. One should consider all those principles to have a balanced exercise program, and to enjoy the effects that exercises bring.