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2F Physical Fitness Center

2F Fitness Center(GYM)

  • Professional individual sports instruction
  • Provide fitness gymnasium
  • Fitness facilities promotion for the people
  • Weight Control Course
  • Dance, flywheel course package
  • Corporate group courses, project packages
  • Physical Fitness Group Testing
  • Instructor teacher assignment
(If there are changes in consecutive holidays, please refer to the latest announcement of the site and website)

The Center has introduced the most innovative professional sports and fitness equipment designated by the International Fitness Association, and equipped with physical fitness testing area, weight training area, cardio-breathing training area, stretch area, waist-abdominal sculpture area, etc.
Opening time


★【Single user】 – recommended
  • All Tickets:NT$ 50 / hour. (Limited to 1 hour, timeover to NT$ 25 / half hour cumulative billing)
  • Discount ticket: NT$ 25 /hour. (Limited to over 65 years of age, timeover to NT$ 25 / 1 hour cumulative billing)
  • Caring/Accompanying Tickets: Free (Love Tickets - Handicap Handbook and Accompanying Tickets Required)

★★【medium users-recommended】 <Limited own Use>
  • Petty bourgeoisie start-up card:NT$ 1,200 / 15 times, use period 30 days. (limited to 15 times, unlimited time) →→→average NT$ 80 /time
  • Petty bourgeoisie converted card:NT$ 3,150 / 45 times, the use of 90 days. (limited to 45 times, unlimited time) →→→average NT$ 70/time

★★★【Heavy User - Recommended】 <Limited own Use>
  • Start the sculpture card:NT$ 2,100 / no limit, the use of 30 days. (Unlimited, unlimited time) →→→ Average NT$ 70 /time
    (Add a gift for general aerobics class *1, deadline for the same ticket)
  • Dreams Transfiguration Card:NT$ 5,400 / no limit, the use of 90 days.(unlimited times, unlimited time)→→→average NT$ 60 /time
    (Add a gift for the general aerobic group * 3, the same period with the ticket)

【For safety of use, young people under the age of 16 may not enter the gym】

【Personal coaching】
  • Private Sports Course (one-on-one) Experience Price:NT$ 1,500 / class(acquisition reservation system、60 minutes / church)
  • Private Sports Course (one-on-one) + InBody Test: NT$ 9,600 /8 class(acquisition reservation system、60 minutes per session)
*Please pay attention to the latest method of the counter and read it before you can register.
Accessibility equipment
  • Accessibile Elevator
  • Accessibile toilet
User Guide

  1. For first time using the machine, please consult our instructors to use correctly. Make sure to understand the rules of each equipment and the guidance by our staff (use it at your own risk).
  2. Children under the age of 16 are prohibited from entering the facility.
  3. For your safety, it’s essential to consult the physician before exercise. Please inform on-site instructor your condition in case you need help.
  4. People has unstable blood pressure, diabetes, heart problem, had meal within an hour, under the influence of alcohol, lack of sleep or any unwell conditions are not allowed to use the facility.
  5. Outside trainers and personal course are not allowed.
  6. Photography, recording, poster hanging, flag hanging, labeling are not allowed without permission by the center.
  7. Please wear appropriate exercise attire and bring a personal towel. No slacks, slippers, leather shoes or high-heels. Only none-marking soft sole shoes on the floor.
  8. Please place all personal belongings in the public or coin locker. All lockers are for daily use only, anything left may be removed (The center is not responsible for lost items).
  9. Bags over size of A4 is not allowed in the facility.
  10. No gum, food, tobacco or any beverage (except water and sports drinks).
  11. Do not hold on to a particular machine or facility for too long (including using the phone).
  12. Please wipe down the machines with own towel after use.
  13. Please return all equipment to its place. User should compensate for damage by improper use.
  14. Report any emergency and injuries to the staff immediately
  15. For temporary leaving, please change the card at the counter.
  16. Do not drop or throw weights and equipment on the floor. People who deemed to be harmful to others may be suspended (The center are not responsible for the refund and compensation).
  17. Please show the disability handbook to use the gym facility for free.
  18. The regulation is mainly according to the on-site staff, and the center has the right to revise and add the rules. The center also reserves the right to prohibit the member from buying tickets. (The center is not responsible for the refund and compensation).
★Details of the"Shilin Sports Center Course/Ticket Card Management Method"
★Details of the"Site Rental and Month/Festival Ticket Management Methods of Taipei Shilin Sports Center"