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3F Swimming Pool

3F Indoor heated swimming pool

  • 25M * 17.5M Pool + SPA + Sauna + Steam Room
  • Swimming Teaching Course
  • Public Service Swimming Lesson
  • Swimming leisure promotion
  • Provide swimming competition venue
  • Children's pool
(If there is a change in long weekend , please refer to the latest announcements on the website.)

For use by the general public, it can also be used as a swimming practice and teaching venue. The 24-hour water filtration cycle and the use of the latest ozone sterilization system, combined with 24-hour air conditioning dehumidification, not only meet the health standards, but also protect the user's health - long-term water
temperature is maintained at 28 to 30.
  1. Good quality YMCA swimming ten advanced course
  2. Strict selection of coaching character and coaching coaching skills
  3. A professional swimming teaching environment that combines safety and hygiene
  4. Rich YMCA International Swimming Teaching Technology Resources
Opening time


Cleaing time

※Daily clearance time is from 10:00 to 10:30 and 21:30 to 22:00. (In order to maintain the cleanliness of the swimming pool, all swimmers need to leave the venue. If you need to re-enter the pool equipment, you must use the paid or over-charged card to use.)

★【Single user - recommended】
  • All votes: NT$ 110 / time
  • Child ticket: NT$ 55 / time (4-12 years old / 0-3 years old free). You need to show your health insurance card to enjoy the preferential treatment☆
    ★According to the“Children and Juvenile Welfare and Protection of Rights and Interests Act”, children under six years of age or children and juveniles in need of special care should not be left alone or taken care of by an inappropriate person. Parents, guardians or other persons who are actually caring for children and juveniles are required to accompany the tickets before admission.
  • Elder ticket: NT$ 50 / time (adults over 65 years old)
  • Aboriginal people ticket: NT$ 50 / time (over 55 years old adults)
  • Student preferential ticket: NT$ 80 / time (12 years old students). Students need to show their student card to enjoy the preferential ticket
  • Parents escorting the same ticket: NT$ 80 /time (only for children under 12 years old to purchase tickets for admission)
  • Police Concession Tickets: NT$ 88 /time (Any police ticket is required to enjoy a preferential ticket)

★★【Medium-Heavy Users-Recommended】<Limited own Use>
  • Swimming Month Card: NT$ 1,200 /unlimited, use period 31 days(unlimited) Average NT$ 38 /time
  • Swimming card: NT$ 1,350 /30 times, 60 days of use(limited to 30 times, unlimited time) Average NT$ 45 /time
  • Yong Yong Card: NT$ 3,150 /90 times, with a service life of 160 days(limited to 90 times, unlimited time). Average NT$ 35 /time

★★★【Crazy Sports Users - Recommended】<Partially Limited Use>
  • Back count ticket: NT$ 900 / 10 days, use period 45 days (limited to 10 times, unlimited swimming pool time) average NT$ 90 /time<shareable use>
  • Monthly pass card: NT$ 1,500 /30 times, 45 days of usage(limited to 30 times, unlimited pool time), an average of NT$ 50 /time (Give gym * 30 hours, same period of time)
  • Seasonal ticket: NT$ 3,500 /90 times, 135 days of usage(limited to 90 times, unlimited swimming pool time), an average of NT$ 38 /time(Free gym * 30 hours, time limit with the same ticket)
If the monthly ticket, season ticket, and counted ticket exceed the time limit for the discount, the number of unused days should be topped up each time to the amount of single ticket purchase [according to the single use method]

If there is any amendment to the latest counter method
Accessibility equipment
  • Accessibile Elevator
  • Barrier-free shower room
  • Accessibile toilet
User Guide
  1. Max capacity 200 persons, pool depth 110cm~160cm, temperature 28~30℃.
  2. The center reserves the right to prohibit use of the facility in concern to its environment and safety and is not responsible for reimbursement and compensation for any injuries or violation to others caused by personal factor or not cooperating with the rules coach instructions.
  3. Users should be aware of own health conditions and are prohibited to use the pool if have any of the following conditions: (1)Contagious(2) skin diseases(skin ulcer, open wounds) (3) Taken meal within 1 hour before, drunken state sleep deprivation, impact of medication, fever over 37℃ or any other unfit health conditions (4) Unstable blood pressure, heart conditions, diabetes and other non-contagious diseases.
    People with epilepsy are suggested to wear purple swim cap.
  4. People with disability manuals need to be accompanied by adults for the entire time inside the pool.
  5. People with disability handbook can use the facility for free.
  6. Elderly above 65 years old are recommended to be accompanied by family or company and to avoid using the pool for extended period of time.
  7. Please follow the rules during Public Charity session as it is for social services purposes.
  8. Only drinking water is allowed in the facility;other beverages including alcohol, and food, chewing beetle nuts or gum and smoking are not allowed in the pool.
  9. Pets are not allowed. Guide dogs are required to wait in the designated area.
  10. According to the Protection of Children and Youths Welfare and Rights Act, children under 12 years-old must be accompanied by a parent(s) or guardian(s) for safety reason.
  11. To maintain the quality of water and hygiene, please do not wear shoes/slippers. Do wear body tight swimwear, swimming shorts, swim caps, and swim goggles to enter the pool (inappropriate swim wear, including beach trunks, and clothing with buttons and zippers are not allowed).
  12. Do not apply sunblock and any cosmetics before entering the pool.
  13. Do not wear glass goggles (eye glasses) or bring any glass containers, porcelain items and other dangerous fragile items into the pool.
  14. There are 4 different swimming lanes in the pool:
    Fast lane: keep right, do not stop during a lap.
    Long-term lane: keep right, should only rest under 30 seconds by the wall.
    Slower lane: keep right, do not stop during a lap only rest when reaching the wall.
    Practicing lane: For swimming course and practice.
  15. Do not dive, run, jump, jostle, play around, or any behavior that would affect others in the pool area.
  16. Personal teaching is not allowed other than the classes provided by the center.
  17. Photography, videography, poster hanging, labeling and other such behaviors are not allowed unless approved by the center.
  18. Please place all personal belongings in the open or coin lockers limited to the day. Do not place any items for holding seats in the pool area;the center is not responsible for any lost items.
  19. Center will control the amounts of users if necessary.
  20. All the rules should be followed as indicated specifically for each area of the pool. Lifeguards have the right to prohibit users action that threaten their safety, and to expel users from the pool area should the users not cooperate.
  21. The Center has the right to add and alter the rules accordingly with the announcement on site and staff explanation as overrule. The center reserves the right to prohibit use of the facility in concern to its environment and safety and is not responsible for reimbursement and compensation for violation to others caused by personal factor or not cooperating with the rules.
  22. Do not lean and pull the lane rope and the railing by the accessible ramp.


★Details of the "Shilin Sports Center Course/Ticket Card Management Method"
★Details of the "Site Rental and Month/Festival Ticket Management Methods of Taipei Shilin Sports Center"