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5F Sport Field

5F Multi-purpose athletic hall

Taekwondo, Basketball courses, judo, tai chi, kendo, wrestling, aikido, large-scale competitions or hold activities of space, corporate sports activities for employees and various performance venues.
(If there are changes in consecutive holidays, please refer to the latest announcement of the site and website)

The best number of activities

Can accommodate 800 people at the same time, with a comprehensive court (for basketball courts, tennis courts, volleyball courts, badminton courts), rock climbing grounds, judo mats, wrestling pads, activity stage, etc. Suitable for all types of dance, Tai Chi, kendo Sports activities such as judo, judo, taekwondo, martial arts, and wrestling, as well as sports and leisure, large-scale evening parties, spacious and bright, and convenient transportation, can be used for self-run or co-organized large-scale competitions, event space rental.

Opening time



  • Sports activities
    NT$ 2,000 /hour in the whole stadium, 1,200NT$/hour at half time (half-time rental is only for half-time basketball sports activities)【Half-time reservation for the same day, renting】
    【Special Offer Period】
    From Monday to Friday, 6:00~18:00 (Excluding holidays),NT$ 1,500 /hour
    . Prescribed by Department of Sports,Taipei City Government is handled according to [No. 10330947500]

  • business activities
    Court is NT$ 4,000 /hour. (For the whole-court rental service only)
More than 50 people,in course activities, according to charge of business activities.
Accessibility equipment
  • Accessibile Elevator
  • Accessibile toilet
User Guide

  1. Please purchase tickets at 1F counter before using the facility. User that do not abide by the rule will be deemed to purchase the specific time period.
  2. Please wear appropriate exercise clothing and soft-sole athletic shoes and do not wear leather shoes, slippers, sandal, high-heels, canvas shoes, leisure shoes or other inappropriate shoes to enter the facility in order to avoid damage to the ground.
  3. Please use the facility during the rental period;entry to use the facility during other times is prohibited.
  4. Pets, umbrella and raincoats are not allowed to enter the area.
  5. Children are not allowed to running and frolicking on the court.
  6. Equipment caused by misusage will be charged for compensation, so please use the facility with care.
  7. Only drinking water with cap is allowed in the facility;pother beverages including alcohol., and food, chewing beetle nuts or gum and smoking are not allowed in the facility.
  8. Please be responsible in keeping all your own important personal belongings in secured locations;the center is not responsible for any lost items.
  9. If you feel uncomfortable during exercise, please stop immediately and contact the staff members.
  10. People with unfit health conditions or illnesses are not allowed to use the facility.
  11. Contract and facility rental process should be in place for any non-athletic events approved by the center.
  12. Personal teaching or training are not allowed.
  13. Poster hanging, flag hanging, labeling and other such behaviors are not allowed unless approved by the center.
  14. The center reserves the right to prohibit use of the facility if the user do not cooperate with the rules.
  15. The facility has the right to stop the use and renting of the court due to the need of activities and classes.
  16. The Center has the right to add and alter the rules accordingly with the announcement on site and staff explanation as overrule.
  17. People with disability handbook and a company only can use the facility for free for 2 hours on weekday and 1 hour on weekends.
  18. Site (length x width) = approximate (39.9m x 23.7m)


★Details of the "Shilin Sports Center Course/Ticket Card Management Method"
★Details of the "Site Rental and Month/Festival Ticket Management Methods of Taipei Shilin Sports Center"