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5F Rock Climbing Wall

5F Rock climbing field/tree climbing space

  • Rock climbing practice venue
  • Rock climbing promotion
(If there are changes in consecutive holidays, please refer to the latest announcement of the site and website)

Climbing is a physical and mental exercise that has the effect of releasing stress, concentrating on thinking, breaking obstacles to heights, and boosting self-motivation and self-cultivation. In addition to training muscle endurance and finger gripping, it is physical fitness. , Softness, Explosive Power, Balance, Coordination, Escape Skills, etc. Welcome Rock Climbers with Security Cards.

Opening time

06:00~22:00 【Currently welcome Group Booking】


  • 【Group appointment】【Please make an appointment in advance - 3 working days in advance to apply】
    NT$ 150 /each, unlimited time, own security card and equipment
    *Rock climbing equipment rental, need to escort documents (photos of the license)
    【Group reservations need to be over 15 to 20 people or more, welcome to contact Shilin Sports Center counter】

  • 【Group reservations/climbing course activities (including instructors, Teaching Assistant)】 Group "Extreme Events" appointment【Please make an appointment in advance - 3 working days in advance to apply】
    85 people ▲ NT$200 /each, 90 minutes
    70 people ▲ NT$225 /each, 90 minutes
    55 people ▲ NT$250 /each, 90 minutes
    35 people ▲ NT$270 /each, 90 minutes
    25 people ▲ NT$300 /each, 90 minutes
    【Appointment to use more than 15 to 20 people, welcome to contact Shilin Sports Center counter】
★If there is any amendment, please follow the latest policy at the counter★【2012.12.1 Revision】
Accessibility equipment
  • Accessibile Elevator
  • Accessibile toilet
User Guide

  1. Only for bouldering, traversing, and top roped climbing in the area.
  2. Rapelling down slowly and do not jump down below 3m after completing the climb.
  3. Use proper equipment and belay technique with instructor on-site at all times.
  4. One person at a time and do not cross underneath other climbers.
  5. Be alert to other climbers who may haves trayed from their routes.
  6. Please climb in good condition and safety.
  7. Report any damage or loose holds immediately.
  8. Moving or marking the holds is not allowed without authorization.
  9. No food, beverages or smoking in the climbing area.
  10. Any damage due to improper behavior will be charged.
  11. Only for group reservation and it should be done 5 days in advance.
★Details of the "Shilin Sports Center Course/Ticket Card Management Method"
★Details of the "Site Rental and Month/Festival Ticket Management Methods of Taipei Shilin Sports Center"