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5F Flywheel classroom

5F Flywheel classroom

  • Professional individual sports instruction
  • Dance, flywheel course package
  • Company Course Packages, project packages
flywheel or some say indoor cycle , is kind of put the bicycle training under the roof.
In class , you can ride like flat or climb to the mountain high just adjust the resistance . As training plan , it not only an aerobic exercise, but also strength and power you can do in the lesson . Follow the teacher and music’s guide, it has 7 different way to ride: flat, climb , sprint (all can as seat and stand) ,and jump that can that you training your cardio or un-cardio progam.

Opening time


price for trial lesson:NT$ 300
★This course is limited to 15 years old or over can attend★
Fees:NT$ 1,800 for 9 lessons/every lesson have 50 minutes
User Guide

  1. It is everyone’s responsibility to follow all the rules while using the center’s facilities in respect of the rights of all users.
  2. People has unstable blood pressure, diabetes, heart problem, had meal within an hour, under the influence of alcohol, lack of sleep or any unwell conditions are not allowed to use the facility.
  3. No gum, food, tobacco or any beverage (except water).
  4. For your safety, it’s essential to consult the physician before exercise. Please inform on-site instructor your condition in case you need help.
  5. Please wear appropriate exercise attire, do not wear slippers, boots, high-heels, clogs or other inappropriate shoes to enter the facility.
  6. Please notify the staff on site when you feel unwell.
  7. The facility is for courses only, please register before use.
  8. Please register for any planned activities in the facility and do not use the facility at your own will.
  9. Outside trainers and personal course are not allowed.
  10. Do not use the audiovisual equipment and air conditioner by yourself, please contact the staff if needed.
  11. Any damage of equipment by improper use will be charged for compensation according to the detail of equipment rental rules.
  12. Photography, videography, poster hanging, flag hanging, labeling and other such behaviors are not allowed unless approved by the center.
  13. Please place all personal belongings in the locker. All lockers are for daily use only, anything left may be removed (The center is not responsible for lost items).
  14. Electric sockets are for events and courses only (charge paid in advance), and personal use is not allowed.
  15. In case of slippery floor or damage, please dry all wet items ( e.g., umbrella, footwear, clothing, hat) before entering the area.
  16. The regulation is mainly according to the on-site staff, and the center has the right to revise and add the rules. The center also reserves the right to prohibit the member from buying tickets. (The center is not responsible for the refund and compensation).