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10F Small Football/ Paintball Field

10F Small Football / Paintball Field

  • Paintball Teaching Course
  • Provide shooting competition venues
  • The masses shooting, paintball, electron gun promotion
  • Citizen's vitality space.
(If there are changes in consecutive holidays, please refer to the latest announcement of the site and website)
Do you want to be the "fast, skillfully , accurate, and energetic" of the handsome heroic " Sniper" in the Action movie ?
Still want to temporarily get rid of the pressures of work, studies, and economics in modern city life, what are you waiting for!!quickly and Sign up yourfriend and yourself.

★Space display★
The space is a simulated fortress fields, Small house designed as a fortress, Iron bucket to regard as full sprint cover, for Battle experience Simulation Battlefield.
(Activity space need to use reservation system, if Climate factors influence outdoor activities,please arrange for another reservation day.)

★Currently in operation, courses [reservation]!Welcome to contact sport center - contact the site director to inquire - thank you ★
Opening time

Tuesday to Sunday 09:00~17:00【over 20 person can participate】

Opening time
【Open Directional Shooting/Group Battle Booking】 need to advance before seven working days ago .
  • Directional shot booking
    【Directed Shooting Reservation】Must be Over 8 Years Old
    【Directed Shooting Course Event Appointment (Including Trainer Instructor, ★Basic Equipment)】 Group “Directed Shooting Event” Appointment 【Please make a reservation - apply 7 working days ago】
    50 people more ▲ NT$100 /each time, limited time 100 min
    40~49 people ▲ NT$120 /each time, limited time 90 min
    30~39 people ▲ NT$140 /each time, limited time 80 min
    20~29 people ▲ NT$160 /each time, limited time 60 min
    10~19 people ▲ NT$180 /each time , limited time 45 min
    02~09 people ▲ NT$180 /each time , limited time 30 min
    【★Basic equipment description: immersive paintball guns 1/Co2 cylinders* 1/ magazines/1/lacquer shells*20 rounds】 For additional purchases of ammunition, please contact an activity coach.
    ★If there is any amendment, please follow the latest method at the counter★【2015.01.1 Revision】

  • Battle and cum mission appointments
    【Competition and mission appointments】Over 16 years old
    【Jobs and solve training course activities (including instructors, ★★★ advanced equipment)】 Group "competition and task removal" appointment 【please make a reservation in advance - apply before 7 working days ago】
    10~19 people ▲ NT$430 /each, 120 minutes
    02~09 people ▲ NT$480 /each, 90 minutes
    Group package 02 ~ 60 people ▲ Please work 10 days in advance ~
    【Appointment for use of group packs/welcome to Shilin Sports Center counter】
    【★Advanced Equipment Description: 65K2 paintball gun * 1/Co2 gas cylinder * 1/ magazine * 3/ paintball * 60 hair】 For additional purchase of ammunition, please contact the activity coach
    ★If there is any amendment, please follow the latest method at the counter★【2012.12.1 Revision】
    Number of people: Limited to 20 people or more以上
    Fees: Welcome to contact sport center manager at (02) 2880-6066

★Details of the "Shilin Sports Center Course/Ticket Card Management Method"
★Details of the "Site Rental and Month/Festival Ticket Management Methods of Taipei Shilin Sports Center"

Accessibility equipment
  • Accessibile Elevator
  • Accessibile toilet