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4F Parent-child Room

4F Parent-child Room

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The best number of activities

40 people

Opening time




Accessibility equipment
  • Accessibile Elevator
  • Wheelchair Ramp
  • Accessibile toilet
User Guide

  1. Please use the recreational facilities with care and maintain cleanliness, do not litter.
  2. Refrain children from dangerous action such as pushing to ensure safety.
  3. Please take off shoes and place them orderly before entering the room.
  4. Please use the facility during the business hours;entry to use the facility during other times is prohibited.
  5. Do not put your baby on the ground in order to avoid injury.
  6. Drinking and eating are not allowed in the place.
  7. Equipment caused by misusage will be charged for compensation, so please use the facility with care.
  8. Children above 6 years old are NOT allowed to enter the room. Children must be accompanied by parents in order to avoid accident.
  9. Please keep the noise down and no frolicking.
  10. No pets allowed, except trained service animals.
  11. Please be responsible in keeping all your own important personal belongings in secured locations;the center is not responsible for any lost items.
  12. Poster hanging, flag hanging, labeling and other such behaviors are not allowed unless approved by the center.
  13. The center reserves the right to prohibit use of the facility if the user do not cooperate with the rules.
  14. The center has the right to stop using and renting of the parent-child room due to the need of activities and classes.
  15. The Center has the right to add and alter the rules accordingly with the announcement on site and staff explanation as overrule.